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Xiamen TDK Materials Research Center was invested and established by Japanese TDK Co., Ltd. In May 2001. As the comprehensive institute for technology innovation, quality control and talent training, the center is served for materials development, inspection, analysis, consultation and professional technicians training.


The center is equipped with advanced equipment for the manufacturing, evaluation and analysis of electronic ceramics materials and all kinds of general physical and chemical analysis instruments. The center also has a professional team with experienced and high quality personnel, in which the ratio of technicians with doctor degree or master degree accounts for more than 30%, that of technicians with bachelor degree accounts for more than 70%.


The center mainly  consists of dielectric task, magnetic task and materials analysis center, the professional technical services cover the magnetic core, transformer, capacitor,  inductor, sensor and other product manufactured by Xiamen TDK.  The center has accumulated enriched experience in the fields of materials development, material production, product fault analysis and relevant mechanism sutdy.


The research center has developed many new materials with TDK Head Office Development Center, most of which have been applied in the products manufactured by TDK Group and supplied for tens of domestic and oversea clients with high quality electronic components. 20 patents have been applied at home and abroad and the center also actively participated many academic sessions at home and abroad and communicated  and cooperated with famous professors and universities at home and abroad with many dissertations published. The talents cultivated by the center have been employed as the technical pillars in many manufacturing departments. In recent years, the center has signed scientific research contracts with Xiamen University, Fuzhou University with value for several million and carried out fundamental research cooperation in many new materials fields.



Functions of Dielectric Material Team 

Improve the core value of electronic products and competitiveness by material technology

Material Production Equipment

Laboratory Pulverizer 

Laboratory Pelletizer

Tumbling mill

Manual operated forming Machine
Drying oven Firing furnace Grinding miller

Functions of Magnetic Material Team

Develop new materials with excellent properties and cost benefit and improve product competitiveness

Developing History 


Requirements for product characteristics


Pilot plant test equipment for mass production

Air furance


Small spray dryer

Functions of Material Analysis Team

Eliminate the defective ratio, reply clients’ complaints and manufacture reliable products for Business Department by adopting analysis technology