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Xiamen TDK Processing Technology Department was set up in 2005, aiming to professional design and manufacturing of powder compacting mould and various precise clamping apparatus. There are 32 professional technical personnel, 32 advanced processing equipment, including many precise processing equipment imported from Europe, America and Japan, such as CNC machining center, low speed wire cutting, electrical discharge machine, optical grinder and pricision surface grinding machine. The Technology Department targets to establish the technical center for design and manufacture of mould and timely provides various efficient and quality  mould and precise smelting machine according to requirement of manufacture site.


Strong technical strength

  • MAZAK CNC Machining Center
  • CHARMILL Electrical Discharge Machine
  • SODICK Low Speed Wire Cutting
  • CHARMILLES Low Speed Wire Cutting
  • WASINO Optical Contour Grinder
  • EXTRUDE HONE Fluid Polisher

 Part 1:

The Processing Technology Department professionally designs and manufactures powder compacting mould whose accuracy of flatness, verticality, parallelism, roundness, coaxiality can be 2 µm and surface smoothness can be Ra 0.025. The products are widely applied to the powder compacting production of ferrite core, SMT power inductance, middle high voltage ceramic capacitor, annular rheostat, high voltage connected capacitor and other electronic components.


  Part 2:        

The Processing Technology Department also provides various precise jig and work fixture widely applied to automatic production equipment, such as location jig used in assembly of VAC products and coiling chuck used in automatic winder of transformer to guarantee efficient production of the company.





The Processing Technology Department adopts  meeting need of customers as the quality policy, equipped with complete high precision checkout equipment, such as three-D gauge, tool microscope and high power projector. The Processing Technology Department continuously promote quality improvement activity through educating and cultivating staff's quality awareness, with an eye to preventive measures.


  • Three-D Gauge
  • Tool Microscope