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Salary System

         The company sets the enterprise strategy as the policy, formulates salary system according to the principles of contribution, equal pay for equal work and makes appropriate adjustment in April every year.

Annual bonus of the company

          Year-end bonus +bonus


          The company legally participates in the insurance (work-related injury insurance, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance and maternity insurance) to guarantee staff's life.

Benefit System

◎ The company issues the holiday bonus according to annual benefit plan;

◎ Issues consolation money to watch keepers during Spring Festival;

◎ Issues death benefit to in-service staff or consolation money to their family dependents;

◎ Every month, staff may enjoy meals in the dining room of the company with partial fee paid by the staff and the other part subsidized by the company;

◎ The company regularly holds group activities, such as travel, sports meeting and year-end party;

The company issues coupons to birthday men or women in the corresponding month;

◎ The labor union will give proper salvation or condolence to staff in hospital with serious disease; honor and award senior staff and excellent staff: the company will award staff serving the company for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or 20 years respectively;

The company will select “May Day” Model Worker and “Staff with Excellent Performance” and award them.

Spring Outing

The company holds spring outing for all staff every year (2 days 1 night) to make all staff appreciate the beautiful scenery and folk culture of Fujian Province and neighboring provinces as well as make them promote further communication between staff to build harmonious group atmosphere, promote the company’s quality and expand the company’s influence.

Mooncake Gambling

Xiamen mooncake gambling is special heritage of folk custom and one valuable Xiamen culture with deep cultural implication, although without the magnificence of Zheng Chenggong’s story. When the Mid-autumn Festival is approaching, the melodious jingle given out by the dice bumping the china bowl will spread through the streets and lanes of Xiamen in darkness. In addition to moon admiration and eating mooncake during reunion in Mid-autumn festival, Xiamen people also endow a special project to Mid-autumn festival: mooncake gambling. The company will hold mooncake gambling in the eve of Mid-autumn Festival with thousands of people joining in. From the small winner to large winner, the whole company brims with the atmosphere of festival.


Women’s Day

In this holiday belonging to the worldwide women, whether the women shall relax themselves, be charming, sassy and luxurious…

Passionate Dancing

To enrich staff’s spare-time entertainment life, improve comprehensive quality, cultivate positive entrepreneurial spirit and create more exchange opportunities for staff, the staff in the company voluntarily set up Dance Association. The staff can appreciate the dancing soul, rocking body and explosion of passion of handsome men and beautiful women during anniversary factory celebration, year-end party and social gathering with other units.

Birthday Party

We are committed to advocating green and healthy idea to enrich staff’s cultural and entertainment life. We put our staff in our heart to make them spend an unforgettable collective birthday party, enhance group cohesiveness and spread the cultural atmosphere of TDK big family. Every month, we hold birthday party for staff and we gather together to enjoy the happiness hand in hand, side by side to share the pleasant birthday party and we grow and develop together with the company.

Group Wedding Ceremony

The company holds the most memorable wedding celebration in the form of group wedding ceremony to support low-carbon and economical living style, advocate harmonious and environment-friendly civilization new trend to leave sweet memory for newly married couples. The company holds group wedding ceremony for staff on October 1st every year, vigorously publicizes and carries forward harmonious marriage view to promote the building of harmonious family.

Meals Improvement

To satisfy tastes of all staff from all over the country, the company will irregularly launch local specialties and additionally open up windows for noodles and self-service flavoring area to satisfy tastes of all diners. Meanwhile, under the co-assistance and effort of Human Resource General Affairs Department and Meals Committee of the company, aiming at the dining environment, hygiene, dishes and nutrition match in the dining room, the special project team will be set up to trace and improve the above items one by one to ensure the dietetic hygiene and nutrition balance.

Safe and Comfortable Accommodation

The company arranges safe, comfortable and sweet accommodation for staff. There are service desk in the dormitory with special person responsible for management for 24 hours a day and the electronic access control system is implemented in the entry and exit of the dormitory. 2 cleaners are responsible for the cleaning and hygiene in each building and hot water and boiled water are available for 24 hours a day. There is a central air-conditioner in each dormitory and all staff have their own wardrobes, desks and drawers with unified bedding articles and drying area, including an exclusive room with washing machines to facilitate staff. There are pavilions, stone tables and benches, outdoor fitness equipment, badminton court and basketball court neighboring the dormitory; in the dormitory, there are welfare club, bakery, table tennis room, billiards room, library, free Internet bar, karaoke room, gymnasium, medical room and psychological counseling room to provide a dormitory like a home for all staff.


In order to gather employees' vitality, passion and wisdom,all the staff associations carry out rich and colorful culture, sports and entertainment activities this phase. It is playing an important part in enriching employees' amateur life, adjusting employees' both physical and mental health.


1. Table Tennis Association - hero is coming

2. Basketball Association - TDK's handsome boy group

3. Badminton Association - a group of happy guys

4. Billiards association-more and more masters

5. Mountaineering Association - indulging in mountains and rivers

6. Dance Association-- Heroine is as brave as a hero

7. Music Association - a world full of magic



      TDK Xiamen Football Association was set up in 2008, based on TDK Xiamen Football Team.


           The Football Association dedicates itself to the promotion of TDK Xiamen's culture, the reinforcement of employees' physical quality and the enhancement of employees' team cooperation ability. There are now 40 members in the association and their posts ranges from the operator to the manager. The Football Association once On behalf of the company to participate in various big matches, such as: the Xiamen Football Association Elite Competition, Xiamen Enterprises Cup etc.. The Football Association also make arrangements for games with other companies and institutes such as: Xiamen Customs, Guan Kou Community, Huike Electronics, Tokin Electronics etc.. The Football Association arranges internal activities monthly, for example: fixed-point shooting competition, 5-person, 7-person or 11-person tournament.


            Full of passion as you, welcome to join us!

Table Tennis协会介绍


     Table tennis [tennis on the table], was originated from British royalty, and then was introduced into China and forms present type and competition rules after improvement and reform of several generations. In the early period of New China, the table tennis was an important sport event for national diplomacy which made great contributions for international diplomacy of China.


          Nowadays, as an important ball game of Olympic Games, Chinese teams have won many gold medals for China in table tennis competitions and the valiant team members of Chinese table tennis teams during the competition make the table tennis known as the national ball of China.


          As a kind of indoor sport, the table tennis has many benefits and can be played no matter it is windy or rainy. Playing table tennis can build up the flexible coordination of hands and feet, exercise the eyes to well prevent from shortsightedness. As a nationwide sport, everyone can play table tennis. Welcome everyone to take part in playing table tennis.



        Xiamen TDK Basketball Association was set up in April 2008, mainly responsibles for the publicity, organization and launch of basketball in the company, aiming to provide a communication platform for all basketball fans to make friends with people in the same camp. The Basketball Association mainly carries out activities in the form of holding basketball games, exchanging skills between members, organizing trainings, forming teams to watch games, organizing coaches to train and explanation to members. In 2010, the Basketball Association participated in the basketball game of sports meeting in Jimei District on behalf of the company and held 2 "TDK Cup" Basketball Invitational Tournaments in 2011 and 2012 respectively which reinforced the friendly exchange between the company and various government entities, surrounding communities and Xiamen enterprises. The Basketball Association holds internal league matches once a year during which a group of members who love basketball, many basketball past masters and cheer teams who love dance gather here to make great contributions to the booming development of basketball competitive sports in the company.  


         The establishment of Basketball Association adds a breath of life and a kind of booming vitality to the company and infects all basketball fans with its passion and effort.



      To improve physical quality of staff in the company, build relaxing and harmonious cultural atmosphere of enterprise, Xiamen TDK Badminton Association (hereinafter referred to as Badminton Association) was set up in 2008.


           Badminton Association is a non-profit organization voluntarily gathered by staff who loves badminton, aiming to provide a platform for staff who loves badminton to exchange and improve ball skills together and actively promote the development of badminton in the company. Since the establishment of Badminton Association, every year, Badminton Association holds dual meets between internal groups in the Association, badminton league matches in the company and exchange competitions outside the Association which bring bright color and infinite vitality to staff’ life. Badminton Association welcomes all badminton fans to join in this warm and lively big family.



          Xiamen TDK Billiards Association was set up on November 18, 2011, aiming to enrich spare-time life of staff, inspire team spirit of staff and advocate staff to take part in healthy leisure activities. The Billiards Association centers on the billiards, enriches staff’s life through organizing various competitions and training activities and actively promote the popularity of billiards in the company, meanwhile, the Billiards Association also pays much attention to the contact and cooperation with neighboring Billiards Leagues.




         The Mountaineering Assosication always adheres to the rational and safe mountaineering iades. Mountaineering is not only for reaching the actual altitude, but also for the spiritual height; the Mountaineering Assosication also adheres to the environmental protection principle of "leave nothing except for footprint, take nothing except for photos" as we get close to nature but not destroy it; we persist in proving with action that: Xiamen TDK is romantic and warm ,but not easeful.


        The Mountaineering Assosication steadily develops with the code of conduct of " walking into nature and challenging myself" and now has 159 in-service members, including all leaders and satff in various posts. In the past year, we climbed the "Everest" in Xiamen-Yunding Mountain with altitude of 1197 meters; raised our flag with more altitude of 90 meters-placed it in  Home of Honey Pomelo, Lingtong Mountain (altitude of 1287 meters); meanwhile, we saw the grace of Home of Loquat, Zhangjiangkou Mangrove National Nature Reserve; experienced the fairyland for butterfies, Butterfly Valley, famed as "Lover Valley".


         Looking ahead a new year, we will summarise the experience, widely collective everyone's suggestion, combining the self advantage of our Association, make more challengeable, environment friendly, distinctive and economical activity plan to lead everyone to experience and feel the beauty of nature in all directions.




        To enrich spare-time life of staff, improve physical quality of staff, Xiamen TDK Dance Association was set up which gathers many dance fans in the company and provides platform for members to communicate with and learn from each other and till now, the scale of Xiamen TDK Dance Association is still expanding.


        The Dance Association carries out jazziness, hip-hop, folk dance, Indian dance, social dance, cheer leading, belly dance, group dancing, yoga, Dai dance, modern dance, classical dancing and other colorful dancing courses.


        The Dance Association actively takes part in internal activities in the company: basketball baby of basketball invitational tournament, Spring Festival Party and year-end banquet, dancing competition and daily cultural activities in the company (birthday party, Christmas party, New Year party, Karaoke competition and so on).


        Meanwhile, the Dance Association also actively takes part in the external activities of the company: Variety Show of 89th Anniversary of Chinese Communist Party of Jimei District in 2010, Centurial Cooperation Party of Honglu in 2010, Variety Show of Lantern Festival of Qiaoying Subdistrict, Jimei District in 2011 and Special Performance of Spring Festival of Fujian Provincial Public Security Frontier Defense Troops in 2012.




      Xiamen TDK Music Association adopts the "Love Music, Love Life, Love Work, Love Future" as the slogan to enrich the sparetime life and effectively display personal speciality. The Music Association sets up "Singing Class" and "Guitar Crash Course" and has abundant "Music Salon" "Exchange Meeting of Music Fans", "Music Lecture", "KTV Singing", "Singing Competition" and other series of activities.


       Members of Music Association actively takes part in various performance of celebration activities in the company and continuously work hard to flourish enterprise culture of Xiamen TDK.All Xiamen TDK colleagues who love music and singing can join in the Music Association to soar over the world of music.