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Special Summary on the Presentation of the 20th Phase Plan

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 On April 4, 2014, the presentation of the 20th phase plan of Xiamen TDK was grandly held in Jingmin Hotel in Jiemei North Bay with more than 100 manager level and above (including senior engineering manager) and senior management present the presentation.


Similar to the presentations in the previous years, firstly, the chairman made a speech on the plans and course of action, then the plans of specific department were made.


In the presentation, the chairman, Mr. Aiba explained the starting point for the mid-term targets, operation plan and various plans for a new phase. Then, he reviewed the company interests and department interests in the 19th phase and made a speech on the plans for the 20th phase. Finally, the chairman mentioned the MPX project that will be launched in the new phase. The aim of the project is to realized and improve the sharing and cooperation among the departments. he hoped that through the promotion of the project, the final target of "ONE Xiamen TDK" can be realized.


After the presentations made by the departments, the vice-president Mr. Zou made the closing address and he pointed out that: every department shall understand the projects and items carried out by other departments in the new phase through the presentation, I hope every department can improve the information sharing, learn from other departments for complementing each other's advantages and all the departments shall move forward jointly to the target "ONE Xiamen TDK".


Wish Xiamen TDK can reach a brighter height in the new phase!