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Report on Board Meeting

  • Update time:2014-03-17 13:04:00
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 On March 17, 2014, the board meeting of Xiamen TDK was grandly held in the 1st Conference Room in Xiamen Factory

In the meeting, beside reporting the performance results of 118 phase to the directors, the main purpose is to vote on the re-election of chairman and director expansion.

At 9: 05, the board meeting was formally held. Firstly, the chairman Mr. Sakamoto made a brief explanation on the agenda and other relevant issues, then he made the report on the performance results of 117 phase of Xiamen TDK and the expectation of 118 phase to the directors.

Finished the reporting, the directors voted on the re-election for chairman and member expansion. It is resolved that the general manager, Mr. Aiba is the new chairman and the legal representative of Xiamen TDK, the vice-president Mr. Chubachi is the new-added director.

After the meeting, the director paid a visit in the engineering site.

At 11:15, the visitation was over and the board meeting was ended perfectly.