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Special Summary on the Presentation of the 21th Phase Plan

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On April 3, 2014, the presentation of the 21th phase plan of Xiamen TDK was grandly held in Jingmin Hotel in Jiemei North Bay. Manager level and above attended the presentation.


The presentation began at 2 P.M., firstly, the chairman made a speech on the plans of the whole company, after that the plans of specific department were presented.


In the presentation, the chairman, Mr. Aiba emphasized the operating principles of the new phase after reviewing the operating performance of 20th phase. He stressed that  law-abiding and standardized operation is a prerequisite to the long-term development of the company so operating principles of this phase will be the same with last phase which is Comply with rules and strive to become a factory recognized by society, customers and vendors.

Presentations of the departments were also splendid.


After the presentations made by the departments, the vice-president Mr. Uchida made the closing address and he said it was really a pity that plans of last phase hasn’t been reached, but April has come, the new phase has begun, hope everyone can take on a new look and embrace the belief of reaching the plan of new phase and challenge to make it come true.


Wish TDK Xiamen can reach a brighter height in the new phase!