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TDK Xiamen twentieth phase General Manager Special Commendation

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TDK Xiamen twentieth phase General Manager Special Commendation was held in executives’ meeting on August 7, 2014. 8 departments, 10 topics participated in the selection in total. A gold, a silver, a bronze and a special prize were judged at the same time.

Representatives from each department illustrated the background, the specific improvement actions, difficulties encountered and improving effect of their topics in detail. The company executives marked every topic and gave a final judgment after listening to the report and having a discussion.

UHV product yield improving topic which came from B9 department caught everyone’s eyes once reported. The report data was clear and the illustration was concise and comprehensive, what’s more, the yield was even better than that in the mother factory in Japan after improving, so that it was almost judged as the gold prize immediately. The report data and illustration of BV department’s improving topic was also excellent. The yield was improved significantly and the failure amount was decreased quite a lot just by simple improvement in the fixture. It won the silver prize. Rationalization improvement topic of A1 Department’s effect was also dramatically, which won the bronze award though the investment was large. Electronic attendance system and ITnization of personnel business topic from Personnel and General Affairs Department won the special prize. It overcame difficulties during the implementation and realized the ITnization and paperless of much personnel business. It is worth mentioning that although other departments fail to achieve prizes this time because of the prize limitation, the improvement of their topics was also significant. Specially, the rationalization of L2 not only brought a dramatic down in the quantity of operators, but also doubled the production. Besides, the quality was still kept in the same level.

Chairman Aiba said in order to encourage all departments to promote yield improvement, rationalization, automation and business efficiency improvement activities, the company may consider to increase similar commendations in next phase.



The awarding ceremony was held on August 18th in the  Department Heads Meeting. Chaiman Aiba presented prizes to each department and had memorial pictures taken in the meeting room.