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Elder send word

                                                      《You and Me》


    I feel that your are  such a natural continuation of my college.


    The basketball court, dormitory, dining room, ringing on and off duty and music in the broadcast always pull me back to the happy time during fours years of college life. The difference is that we have to assume responsibility for what we do and it is a kind of reponsibility for the company and society. Here we have to change our casual attitude to diligently experience the signaficance of everything we do. You are a bridge, a "Zhaozhou Bridge" making me step from school days to stage during which I have to make contributions to the society.


    Unconsciously I have acquired three months of salary and everything here is orderly, making us become more familiar with our work and then understand the basic procedures. However, you are so extensive and profound and I still could not deeply undersand you in just three or four months but I really feel your broad bosom, giving everyone with different personality an appropriate stage, making them give out glaring light. Certainly, this kind of light is low-profile luxury and gentle and make people feel comfortable. I still remember that during the training for new employees, the tutor said that your logo is a sparkling diamond and we are also beautiful diamonds like jade which require your carve. Everyone is longing for a place forging diamond and at least, I am longing to become a valuable diamond with my own features, giving out my own light. You are a factory pursuing product quality, setting prudent attitude towards every thing and every product. You are my ideal enterprise---TDK.                                           

                                                                                                                                    Name: He Di  

Education system

On-job Training
· Current on-job personnel: company profile, brief introduction to human resources welfare system, outline of safety, hygiene and environment protection
· Skilled personnel: receive intensive training for 20 hours every half year (enterprise culture and professional skills)
· Specialized personnel: receive intensive training for 40 hours every half year (outline of various functions and on-site practice)  
· OJT of each department: each department regularly carries out on-site OJT edcuation every month as per monthly plan

Hierarchical Education
· Pre-service reserve education: M1 (subsection chief level), M3 (section manager level), M5 (manager level)
· In-service management education: M2 (subsection chief level), M4 (section manager level), M6 (manager level)
· Lower management education: primary level of group leader level, advanced education

Professional functional edcuation/training
· Professional skills edcuation: implement professional skills edcuation as per plans aiming at various post categories
· Quality education: quality basis, quality system, sampling survey,safety regulation, product environment, PLP
· Safety and hygiene edcuation: safety and hygiene, 5S, special work, fire fighting rehearsal, evacuation rehearsal

Self Enlightenment
· Further study: school (academy), cram school, books study
· Visit and study: dispatch for study in Japan, study in Taiwan, overseas study, observation in other companies
· Language training: Japanese (seminar/tesing class) training, English(seminar/tesing class) training

Recreational Edcuation
· Skill learning: Japanese, English, Etiquette, sektch and water color painting, art design and pen calligraphic
· Technical skills: handcraft (flower arrangement/knit/packaging), delicacy (tea ceremont/vegetable and fruit cut and carve), cosmetology (hairdressing/cosmetics) and other various seminars
· Physical ability: sports (ball/swimming training), health (aerobic sports/yoga), dance (social dance) and other various seminars
· Recreation: health assistance, karaoke, guitar, harmonica and other various seminars

Assessment system

The company conducts two performance assessments and one personnel appraisal every year which are the basis for personnel promotion and salary adjustment to evaluate working ability, working potential and working performance of staff during a year in order to motivate staff and improve performance of enterprise.

Promotion System

Post system and dual-track approach.