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Concept of Procurement  Principle of "honesty and win-win"
Procurement Policy

 Select suppliers who have powerful economic and technical strength and can meet quality demands and offer a reasonable price;

 All procured products do meet the requirements stipulated by laws and regulations;

 Devote to promoting green concept.


1. Green Procurement

With the goal of "providing products with low environment burden", TDK greatly reduces the procurement of products with environment burden. Nowadays, the sense of environment protection is gradually increasing, it is important to carry out enterprise activities and production activities with the sense of environment protection at a higher level. To carry out these activities, TDK will investigate the promotion of environment protection by suppliers:

a:Implement the evaluation to procured products containing environment-related materials again (ICP report and updates; chemical materials survey etc.);

b:Investigate green procurement of suppliers by latest TDK green procurement benchmark book.

Reference: http://www.tdk.co.jp/about_tdk_c/procurement/pro03.htm


2.CSR Activities of Suppliers

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): It means while creating profit and be responsible for shareholders, the enterprise shall assume responsibilities for interested parties such as labors, consumers, environment and community. Its core is to protect legal rights and interests of labors, which include no discrimination, no employment of child labors, no forced labor, safe and healthy working environment and system etc.. By conducting CSR investigation to suppliers, TDK aims to promote the communication, exchange, guidance and promotion of CSR activities of supply chain, ensure CSR is performed by both supplier and buyer and finally realize the harmonious coexistence between human and the earth.


3. Conflict Minerals Survey

At recent years, the indispensable minerals (tantalum, stannum, gold, tungsten) mined in DRC and its surrounding 9 countries used as raw materials in IT and electronic components are found possibly to be the capital source of armed force which violates human rights and destroys the environment. To avoid above risks, TDK is conducting conflict minerals survey. Suppliers shall cooperate with TDK to trace supply chain and conduct survey to the refinery factories of the particular 4 minerals.


4. BCP Survey

BCP (Business Continuity Plan): BCP is a control process established to avoid the interrupt of key business functions and reduce business risks. BCP includes the continuity guarantee to support manpower, material resources and minimum service level for key functions. TDK is conducting BCP survey to suppliers, which aims to establish a strong supply chain combining TDK and suppliers.


5. SVHC Survey

SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern): On October 28, 2008, ECHA firstly released first-batch SVHC Candidate List. On December 16, 2013, EU-REACH Directive released 7 SVHC. Now, there are 151 SVHC. When the content of SVHC in article and preparation is higher than certain limit, manufacturers shall report the information to downstream users and consumers within EU. The same obligation does apply to the products sold by TDK. TDK is conducting the content survey to suppliers on 7 new-added SVHC.

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