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Management Policy of Social Responsibility


With the purpose of "Return to culture and industry by rich creativity", Xiamen TDK Co., Ltd. assumes its CSR and protects the legal rights and interests of employees and related parties. According to the principles of "ambition, courage and trust", with the courage and actions to solve problem, TDK and its employees straightly face the problems and solve them together.

We promise to abide by national laws concerning labor, human rights, ethics, health, safety, environment and other applicable industrial standards and international conventions to constantly improve working conditions and employees' welfare which including:


1. Eliminate discrimination, conduct legal operation

Child labors are prohibited to employ. Promote the equality between men and women. Discrimination is not allowed. Provide a equal and fair environment for employees. Strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations of the state.

2. Respect human rights, guarantee reasonable employees' welfare, promote the harmony of the community

Respect basic human rights of employees. Any behavior including indignity, harassment and maltreatment is prohibited. Arrange working time and holiday time for employees in a reasonable manner. Enhance overall quality of employees and promote the harmonious development of the enterprise.

3. Be environment-friendly and realize green operation

Carry out activity of energy conservation and emission reduction, develop low-carbon economy and circular economy to enhance the level of resources utilization. Actively participate in public welfare undertakings and improve the communication system and channel with the community.

4. Put an end to industrial injury, pursue zero accident

Guided by the principle of "Safety first, prevention oriented", pursue "Zero accident", reduce risky damage for the enterprise and provide a safe working place for employees.

5. Abide by business ethics, perform social responsibilities

Conduct standard management to strengthen the style construction of the organization and individuals. Operate honestly, do not provide or receive any illegal interests. Operate equally, protect intellectual property rights and the privacy and secrets of employees and related parties. No retaliation, abide by the relevant supervision requirements of EICC for the industry.

6. Communicate the policy to all the employees and the related parties and publish.

Everyone in the organization and enterprises or individuals related to the organization shall recognize the obligations for national labor, human rights, morals, health safety and environment protection.

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