TDK Environmental Charter

This environmental charter applies to every organization in the TDK Group worldwide.


Basic Principle on the Environment

The TDK Group recognizes care for the global environment as an important management issue and is committed to help bring about a sustainable society through the combined efforts of all of its members in all business operations.


Basic Policy on the Environment

Based on this principle, the TDK Group enlists the participation of all of its members to carry out environmental activities quickly and effectively, so that future generations may live in a healthier environment.


1. Build a framework for promoting activities to improve safety and hygiene, with clearly defined responsibilities, while the management shall provide necessary management resources for the realization of this policy.

2. Contribute to society by creating and supplying the market with life cycle oriented products and services.

3. Comply with local environmental rules and regulations in every region, establish the necessary self-imposed standards for meeting regulatory requirements and managing chemicals, and improve the level of management.

4. Establish an effectively functioning environmental management system, implement environmental policy, set environmental objectives and targets and carry them out, as well as aim to reduce the environmental burden on a continuous basis and prevent pollution.

5. Carry out regular environmental audits and continuously improve the environmental management system and environmental performance.

6. Disclose information on environmental activities to maintain appropriate communication with local communities and society.

7. Actively participate in environmental activities run by governments and local communities.

8. Review environmental policy, environmental objectives and targets, and environmental management system periodically and as necessary.

                                            -- This Environment Charter is available for anyone if desired. --

                                                                                           Established March 1, 1993 / Revised September 1, 2006 (version 4)




Manage System Certification 



System Diagram of Product Environment Management 

In order to protect the ecological environment,TDK Xiamen do product evaluation  from the early stage of product development, the design, purchase, test, production, circulation, use to the waste.

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