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Safety Production, Prevention First


Safety production is the foundation for the survival of the enterprise.


Safety production is one social responsibility for the enterprise. All management levels shall implement safety production responsibility system and practice the safety production responsibility to every post, every processing and every employee. While doing well equipment safety certification and three-level safety education, the enterprise shall carry out special safety inspection, safety knowledge training, safety knowledge competition, fire fighting rehearsal and training etc. to further enhance the sense of prevention and " alarm bells ringing"!


As the old saying goes, "Take preventive measures before occurrence means prevention; putting down to the situation means saving, take punishment after occurrence means penalty". Therefore, safety management shall take prevention as the main means by taking cautions against small matters and solve problems and hidden dangers in the bud.


With the attention paid by the management, Xiamen TDK has carried out "Zero" accident activity to establish sound safety protection system while increasingly investing into safety production. For over two decades since its establishment, both "production safety accident death rate in production output of hundred million yuan" and "accident rate for thousand people" are far below the average level nationwide and in the industry. The production and operation of the company are guarded effectively.




 This health and safety charter is applicable to all organizations of TDK Group worldwide.



To ensure employees to perform their own jobs under the best status, TDK Group takes the healthy and safe working environment as one important operational topic. Whole employees will work together to realize this goal.



Based on "Basic concept of health and safety", TDK Group shall constantly promote health and safety activities to better cope with the change in industrial form, latest technical trend and change in working environment. Meanwhile, whole employees shall participate in activities to realize "Zero" risky resource in working place and prevent occupational injuries and diseases.


1. To implement health and safety policy, necessary operational resources shall be provided to continuously improve occupational health and safety management system and health & safety performance and necessary revise shall be conducted on a regular basis.

2. While abiding by relevant laws, regulations and other requirements concerning health and safety of different countries and regions, TDK shall set necessary self-management standards to improve management level of health and safety.

3. Conduct advance evaluation to the risk and harm in all fields within the range of activities, set and implement goal and continuously reduce the risks brought by risk resource.

4. To effectively run occupational health and safety management system, corresponding management system will be established to specify responsibilities of employees.

5. To create a safe and healthy working environment, necessary health and safety education and training will be conducted for employees of all levels to enhance their sense and understanding of health and safety.

6. To ensure smooth implementation of health and safety work, it is necessary to conduct sound communication. Respect employees when negotiating with them and provide necessary information and supports to all suppliers and contractors etc. within working place.

7. "Physical and mental health" is the basic need for human. Rectify environment and provide support to maintain and strengthen the health of employees.


~ The health and safety charter will be provided to anyone in demand.~


Stipulated on July 1, 2003

Revised (Version 4) on April 1, 2011

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