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Basic Policy of T121


To deliver reliable and safe products to customers through the thorough pursuit of zero defects.

To realize highly transparent, fairly and equitable company operation.

As an important overseas subsidiary of TDK Corporation, TDK Xiamen inherits its consistent excellent technology, quality and management. Thanks to the kind consideration and supports from all TDK groups, TDK Xiamen has made progress along with the rapid-growing electronics information industry of China, and gained a series of achievements since its establishment in 1994. TDK Xiamen is going to celebrate its 20th Anniversary this year. The main products of TDK Xiamen have taken a leading market share, and have made its due contribution to the industry and the society as well.

In the severely changing market, TDK Xiamen devoted itself to establishing a strategic partnership with customers so as to provide them with better service and supports. TDK Xiamen makes improvement on core technologies, ranging from materials technology, process technology to evaluation and simulation technology and provides more products with advanced technologies especially the designing products to markets, in order to meet the demands of individualization and portability, and fully cooperate with and support our customers for the R&D of new products.

TDK Xiamen promotes eco production. It always abides by the law and holds the goal as to become a society, customers, and suppliers evaluated factory. In addition, TDK Xiamen will grasp the market demands and provide valuable products that meet customers’ needs. It will continue to support every customer’s requirements and also hope to make a great contribution to every country’s development, especially China’s development.

Looking into the future, TDK Xiamen will keep on taking part in the development of electronics of China, complying with the industrial policies stipulated by Chinese government, providing its high-quality products to the domestic market and even to the global market, making progress along with electronics industry of China, and making its contribution to the development of national and global electronics industry.