TDK Xiamen in Brief--yzc518亚洲城官网

yzc518亚洲城官网 was founded on Sep. 9th,1994 . It's  a joint venture invested by TDK Japan ,TDK Taiwan ,TDK Hongkong and TDK China .

As an important overseas subsidiary of  TDK corporation ,TDK Xiamen inherit its consistent excellent technology ,quality and management. It has made progress along with the rapid-growing electronics information industry of China. Since its establishment TDK Xiamen has  ranked the top among the National Electronics Component Enterprises Top 100 ,Fujian Industrial Enterprises TOP 300 and Xiamen Enterprises Top 100 . It has also achieved the honor of  the national ShuangYou enterprises among all the foreign investment , MOU enterprise and many other honors .

TDK Xiamen always keeps following the motto of contributing to the culture and industry through creativity since its foundation. It provides good welfare and living environment to its staff. And  it also arranges various  kinds of professional skills training for the employees , which help the employees to charge themselves while work .TDK Xiamen hopes that all the employees can grow together with the company.